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Flood Damage Restoration & Flood Extraction Miami

When you call Our Flood Specialists, you will get a Miami area restoration company with the knowledge in disaster clean-up and restoration. Our certified technicians bring the training and courteous attitude to make a complicated situation as stress-free as possible. Water intrusion in your home or business can cause major damage. Depending on the source and degree of the intrusion, you may need to have professional assistance with anything ranging from carpet and upholstery cleaning to sewage removal.

Water losses are categorized into three categories:

• Category 1 - A clean water spill relatively free of contaminants.
• Category 2 - A significant level of contaminants, but free of sewage. (Gray Water)
• Category 3 - "Grossly Unsanitary" level of contaminants. (Black Water)
A Category 3, or Black Water, contamination poses the greatest health risk and requires the removal of any affected carpet. However, area rugs can sometimes be sanitized and salvaged by a qualified carpet cleaning contractor.

You can never know when storm water or a broken pipe can unexpectedly flood your home or basement with water or sewage. Luckily, Our Water Damage company offers 24-hour emergency water extraction services to remove the unwanted water and contaminants as quickly as possible and minimize the damage.

If you find yourself in the middle of a water emergency, we suggests the following:

• Try to stop the water flow
• Remove as much excess water as possible
• Towel-dry wood furniture
• Relocate all moveable items to a dry place
• Place wood blocks under furniture
• Pin up draperies and upholstery skirts
• Call Water Damage Miami to get the problem resolved
• Do Not go near contaminated (sewer) water
• Do Not use electrical appliances and outlets in wet areas
• Do Not use your household vacuum to extract water
• Do Not place wet items on any absorbent surface
• Do Not turn on your heating and/or air conditioning system if you think water may have entered the ducts
• Do Not enter rooms if the ceiling is wet and sagging
• Do Not leave absorbent materials like boxes, papers or pillows in the wet area
• Do not let children or the elderly enter the affected areas

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